Love It or Leave it


Fun facts




-Meet Hannah-

Meet Hannah

I'm Hannah Neckers, a Chick fil-A loving, Netflix-binge watching, Christmas-obsessed creative who genuinely loves people. When I'm not capturing a wedding, you will likely find me eating ice cream, dancing to early 2000's pop music, planning my next trip, or wandering around TJ Maxx searching for, yet another, cute notebook, handbag or piece of furniture! My major flaws include: an extreme fear of mice, backseat driving, owning far too many pairs of shoes and overreacting every time I see a golden retriever. (Although, just a disclaimer, I will not apologize for any of these shortcomings!)

Really and truly, I believe that I was put on this earth to serve others. Photography is an art in which I am incredibly passionate, but even more so, I desire to know and love the individuals I work with.  "Sonder" is a term used to describe the realization that each individual has a life as complex and vivid as your own. This concept, definition & feeling is the reason I do what I do. Each person's story is unique and worth telling, and I know that am called by God to do exactly that. When I say I am dying to meet you, please know I mean it with every inch of my being. I am so glad you are here and genuinely cannot wait to get to know you! 

Fun facts




love it.

leave it.

Give me all the sunny beaches, historic cities & scenic views. 

Road trips seem great in theory, until you're stuck in traffic for hours.  



dancing well

love it.

leave it.

In the car, kitchen or grocery aisle. If the music is good, this girl dances. 

I never claimed it was pretty.


late nights


love it.

leave it.

"Only one more episode" at 10 PM turns into four more episodes 'til 1 AM. This is a daily occurrence.

Hate is an understatement. You will never meet less of a morning person in your lifetime. I promise.




love it.

leave it.

Food is my love language. I'd consider eating a hobby... if that was normal.

Disclaimer: It's not that I can't do it. It's that I simply don't like to.




love it.

leave it.

If bargain hunting was an Olympic sport, I'd have more medals than Michael Phelps.

As a child, I always had an emergency fund in a jar under my bed. Dave Ramsey would be proud. 

spending money


making lists

making my bed

love it.

leave it.

Nothing feels as good as checking every item off your to-do list. Nothing.

"I will be back in fifteen hours, seriously what's the point?" -Me every morning



 wny winter

love it.

leave it.

I'm one of those November 1st people & gift giving is my love language. It really is the most wonderful time of year!

Snow is the bane of my existence. Everything would be fine if it simply stopped snowing in January. Not April.


Are we a match?

so let's decide...

Just like you've found your once-in-a-lifetime person, I want to be your once-in-a-lifetime photographer.  I want you to look at my photographs and think, "holy MOLEY this is IT!" (As you dance around in excitement) I want to photograph couples who are fun, joyful & genuine... who aren't afraid to be themselves... who are weird & goofy and so in love that nothing else matters! So are we a good fit? Well, you tell me! If I am your once-in-a-lifetime photographer... then let's do this thing! 

Things I love... 

Things I don't love...

first looks 
outdoor ceremonies & tent receptions
wedding parties that never leave the dance floor
organic & loose floral bouquets 
inside jokes 
unplugged wedding ceremonies
barn wood tables 
air-conditioned churches 
anniversary dances with cute grandparents
long first kisses 
perfectly-planned timelines 
golden hour 
destination weddings
amazing vendor teams 
invitation suites 
seamlessly coordinated color schemes
happy tears

church basements 
drunk, provocative groomsmen 
getting-ready rooms with no windows
untimely email responses 
seafood hors d'oeuvres
dark venues with black ceilings
being stuck in traffic
running out of daylight
making guests wait at a reception
bouquet & garter tosses
unorganized family formals
empty cookie tables 
carrying all my gear without an assistant

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